The Creative Languishing Humble Dead

The Creative Languishing Humble Dead

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/23/2020

The Creative Languishing Humble Dead

So Much

Curious To Us

Whee. Ain’t Th’ Grateful Dead

UnGraeatful Zed Ded Heds

Strange Some Times Arrr… I, I, Rive ing


“May You… Lead An… Interesting…

Life… EH?” “Boy” ?



“The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them

The Good Is Oft Interred With Their Bones”…

On His Tomb And Grave He

Slick Willy Will He Bate His

Shakespeare And

Well Paid For This:

“Good Friend For Jesus Sake Forbeare,

To Digg The Dust Encloased Here.

Blese Be Enny Man That Spares These Stones,

And Curst Be He That Moves These Bones.”

Ah… Th’ Things That We Do To

Make These

Currectly Work To Dumb

Curriculum… culae… eee

Make It All Work Our Willy Again:

“Ohh… What Tangled Webs – We Weave

When… First We Practice To… Deceive”


Hee Hoy Now

To Score:

UnGratefill Dead Heads… 3

Plus A Farthing… Seeking To Be Zeds

Delivering With

Socially Distancing &

Less Prancing Dancing Epicdemically

“Better Curse Of Or Off Course” Said

Freaky Sally Frothing Zed

The Creating Languishing Humble Dead

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