Hatfuls Of Hurtfuls

(c) Leo G Campbell 11/5/2020

Hatfuls Of Hurtfuls

It Is Crap

Sharper Than A Steel MouseTrap

I Mean… BearTrapping

Wickedness Steals Away

Our Better Part Of That Play

BullShitting Through

Totality To

Our Souls –

Whoo Was There – Here To

Make A Mess Of It

Honest Loving



Banksy… An Artistic-Found

Mersey Beatles Be –

John Lennon Then… Dying…

Dead Then…

St John The Lenn…

And, Of Course

Little Cute Girl…

Not Quite Broken Bike Remorse

Does It Stilly Goey

Roundsie Roundsie ThousansWheelies

Naked Drunks Playing

Bent Over Her

Vera Strangeie Red Ryder Lil Injun

CampFired “Whut’s It Mean Red Ryder?”

“It Don’t Mean Shit, Little Injun”

Thanx Red Ryder I Needed That

Mangey Adore Galore


Marbles On The Floor – Steelies

Hatfuls Of Hurtful Awful

TrapSteel Teeth Mousie Mousie

I Got To Go Do My Limbo

Dosie Dosie


Okie Dokie


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