IA Robotic UnHuman Sweeps

(c) LGC et al or and & ampersand JLD CIA HEE HAA, ETC…

To: Inclusion Of Infinity Hallmark; IA Hark Hark Copyright Law

Leo G Campbell 11/7/2020

IA Robotic UnHuman Sweeps

UnWavy Any

Enney Way Eenie Meiney


Creeps – As They See

You Over –

Big Issit A Bad Bird

BaddAss Bird Big Dicky


Sucky Onleee…

Oh Big Dick… Bird

CockSucker Brother

Bother Them Th’ CIA NBC USAA NPR

Arrr Arrr Guns & Shit Better Get Here

Pretty Quick

Sure as Shit At

Fucking A

A Goodie ShitterEEE


We Leeave The Fuckerzzz Be

There Or & A…

Be Seen

Queer Fer IA

Square There Extremely

Next Year, Here Or There… Eh?

Big Herds Gotta

Wait For It?


Bigga Turds

Big Birds Drop I Say

?Close Enough For Government” Joe Bee Joey



Step Up, Daughter Or Son…

All Every Of

The Others Then –

IA Ye?

Get In Line

ThissIssth… For

EveryOne It

Says Here

Your Knees… Your Down IA

See Th’Read

On The Maylex Box… IA,,,

Here, Father Or Mother…

Heeere EveryOne… Ohhh

Feel My Soul I Gotta Write



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