Love Wins In America

(c) Leo G Campbell 11/7/2020

Love Wins In America

We’re Closer Together Now

Democracy Track

We’re Baaacck…

To… 1899

All Riding On

The Same Unframed


Big Spoked Wheels…

Hay Wagon


Our HorsePowers

Better Than None

Shaking Our Fists

Into Fingers

Shaking Hands

Showw… Me Yours…


I’ve Got Mine…

We’ve Both Got –

We Got Time Again


Dressed Up


See Eh – The

Lone Soldier


In The Civilians

Military Visor’d Hat, Boots

3 Striped Chevrons Emblems

Bloused NeckTie

Riding On America’s Ride…

Ah! There We Are –

Pulling Together

Riding On

We Are America

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