The Person You Want To Fall In Love

The Person You Want To Fall In Love

(c) LGC

Leo G Campbell 11/8/2020

The Person You Want To Fall In Love

See You

In Your Eyes

Their Eyes Aye You Believe

The Person You Want To Fall In Love

You See…

Speak There Sincere

Version Valued For Gross

Return On Of

Vision Of Peace

What Thought Geronimo

Fuck’n Castro Cubano

Suck Back This Cigar Dick

You Amigo

Beards Are Pretty Bueno

Crazy Horse Tehcumseh

Danc’n Yew Closer T’

Th’ – Eh…

Truth Goes Often To

Veritas Sincere EEE Eh

So… Are

Th’ Rapists Jerking Off Today…


Baptists Snaking Peters Waving

Beeing Bighting Biteing

Drinking Their

Pope Onna Th’ Rope

Francis Shall Escape

Piss High Octane Ahh…

Fuckya Bartender Place That

Particular… Beer Skate It Down –

Slide’n Down Th’ Bar Ta Heere…

America South To North? Native Peoples

White Be Our Brother Sister


Niggers People Fuck’n A


Indian Coup Peak There Sincere

Mud Yo Heero People Fucked

By Fuck’n Fucked-Up White Politicians

Park YerAss In The Rear BIA

Let’s Sincerely… His Rear…

Ooh… Ahh…

Likes It In There

Up There To Here


Hershey Highways Up

There Too

Version Of Peace Big Whoop

Thoughtful Unplanned

In The Dark Bar

Gun Jammed

More Shit O’er

The Damned Eh

Whudda Hey



Fuck’n Castro Cubano

Crazy Horse Tecumseh

Danc’n You Closer To

The Person You Want Fall In Love

Religious Nah Only God

In Spirit


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