Veterans Day, 11 November 2020

Veterans Day, 11 November 2020

(c) Leo G Campbell 11/11/2020

Veterans Day, 11 November 2020

Time We Remember

Americans In Uniform

Families Sacred… Of Loved Ones Scared Scarred

Broken Lives Lost Careers Widows Widowers

Courage… To Our… Presumed Convictions

Near Death’s Door –

Fearing… Fuh Fuh – “Incoming”

Screaming Piss & Shit Hoping

That Door Would –


Would Not – Be… A Ah Ah – Opening

Us Veterans… USA… The Quick & The Dead

The Unknown

To: All Of Us So… In Our World… You We You Are Veterans

American Revolution

1812 War

Jump’n To

Civil War UnCivil

Spanish Mexico Cubano

Philippines… Then…

World War One WWI… & World Two WWII…

Japan Hiroshima… Germany Holocaust… Nazi Italy

China & Korea

China & Viet Nam

Desert Storm Iraq Iran


We Count Russia Cold War

Weird War North Korea

Let Us All Pray Together As Veterans We Are

The Hunan Race

Happy Veterans Day

By Leo G Campbell

USAF Captain

Project Officer For Boeing – Presidental Air Force One

Disabled Honorable Viet Nam Veteran Agent Orange

27 May 1967 – 30 September 1972 Active Duty


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