Lettuce Fantasy Trump

Lettuce Fantasy Trump

(c) Leo G Campbell 11/11/2020

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Lettuce Fantasy Trump

Trump Facing A

USA Military Firing Squad

Christmas Season 2020

Campfire Western – Little InJun & Red Ryder Sit At Their CampFire

Little InJun, “Oh Red Ryder, Is Trump Executed Here? Whut For?”

Red Ryder, “For Being A Major AssHole JerkOff WHITE TRASH Shit.”

Little InJun, “Is He A Racist, Red Ryder?”

Red Ryder, “WHITE TRASH IZZ… SOME RACIST, Little InJun.”

Little InJun, “What Does It All Mean, Red Ryder?”

Red Ryder, “It Don’t Mean Shit, Little InJun.”


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