How – US Air Force Lost New Swimming Pool

(c) Leo G Campbell 11/15/2020

How – US Air Force Lost New Swimming Pool

How – US Air Force Lost New Swimming Pool

At The United States Air Force


McChord AFB

Tacoma Washington

Next To The Main Gate

Base Commander Stood:


Base Civil Engineers

“Build Me Right Here…

Just Inside This Main Gate

My Damn –


Swimming Pool”


Against US Federal Law –

Was A “Temporate” Climate Zone –

No Authorized Swimming Pools

Large Big Huuuge Wide Deep Hole Was Dug

Pipes Drains Laid The Cemented


Swimming Pool’s Concrete Poured

Then After Chromed Climbing Steps

And Diving Board


Dressing Changing Rooms Coffee Shop

Built And Surrounded By The

Whole Facility Shebang

6 Foot Hurricane Fencing

Ready To Open To The Base

On July Fourth…

A Buddy Of

The Base Commander Calling Alerting

I.G. (Inspector General) Surprise Surprise

Complete Audit & Base Inspection

Coming Soon…

Base Commander Just An Old

Fighter Pilot

Soon Realized The Spot

He Wuz Inn…

The I.G. Audit Would Take

All The $$$ Money Costs

Outa His PayCheck

For The Rest Of His Life

He Could Even Go To

Leavenworth Federal Prison

Only Way To Hide It

Was To Bury It That

Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool…

So, The Base Civil Engineers

Bulldozed Over

The Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool

Beneath 4 Feet Of Dirt, And…


Never Was Seen Again

x True story.

As a USAF Second Lieutenant, I was stationed there at “McChord Air Force Patch” in 1967, and got to know the Base Civil Engineer. He was the one who ordered his men to “do over”, that McChord AFB swimming pool.

Here now, in late 2020, that Olympic swimming pool is still there. For some reason, they moved the Main Gate.

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