In My Dream: Series #1

In My Dream: Series #1

(c) Leo G Campbell 11/17/2020 10/12/2020

In My Dream: Series #1

Upon The

Written Temple


Jerusalem Wall –

Has Begun- The

Stories Of

Christ In His Desert

Across His Desert



Were They Bad Angels

Devils Astray…

Used To – Serious Business… ess




Terror Torture Misery Suffering… And…

Eh… All The More

Sufferers Of Love

Victims Never Escape ing

A Single One… But…

Thought Thinking –

Christ Said:

“The god wealth power over

Is You You Follow Selves

You Are Absent Of Good

You Are Eviled

No UnExplained

No One To Say


To Explain”

“John My Cousin Baptized


River Water Joins To

I Am

Amen Amen… Love

The Son Of God Wrath Of God


Who Am Who Am




Love Amen Amen

Good Angels Bad Angels

Banditry Thieves

Your Things… Turned Upon You

Rape You… Skewer impale

Impale… Skewer You… Well…

Eh? Now…

Done For All

Of You

Are Done… Go

Now… You”


Gone” Amen Amen.

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