The Beatles Lost Song ShoeBox

(c) Leo G Campbell 11/22/2020

The Beatles Lost Song ShoeBox

The Beatles Lost Song ShoeBox

As They Started

Began… To Begin?

Liverpool In England The Beatles


The Cavern Stage Rides On

Wheels To Hamburg Anon

The ReeperCreeperBahn

Forgotten Forgiven Now…

At Paul McCartney’s


In Paul’s Closet


Lennon & McCartney


600 Lyrics and Musical Pages

Not Yet Polished

Nor Published

Northern Songs

Ballads Grown Not –


Apple Seeds…

So Were Never Sown…

Yet Still Written Down…

Put In The Closet ShoeBox

One Day They Both Were Out…

A HouseKeeper Lost

By Cleaning

Paul McCartney’s Bedroom &

The Closet ShoeBox Got – Tossed

ForEver Away

If I Died Today… I’d

Meet John Lennon In Heaven

& So Ask John: “What Were All The Lyrics

Wonderful Musical

The Beatles Songs

Written Down Put In

The Lost Closet


UnSung Song


“Ah, Mine Son –

We Will All All

& All


Have To Wait…

For Paul”

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