The Five 5555 Lionel LocoMotive

(c) Leo G Campbell 11/26/2020

The Five 5555 Lionel LocoMotive

The Five 5555 Lionel LocoMotive

Rolling Steel-Wheeled



Love Trains

Lionel Trains – So Swell

For 5 – to – 98 Year Olds…

Transformer Steel Triple Track

Running My Clickity

Noisily Clack

Locomotive Lionel 5555

Takes Me…

From Here… To There &

EveryWhere Right

And.. Back

It’s Gotta HeadLight


Living The RailRoad – Live Jive



It’s A Lionel


LocoMotive 5555

  • Canadian singer Neil Young, of Crosby Stills and Nash & Young, and Crazy Horse band, owns a large chunk of the Lionel Trains Company. Has A 750-acre high plains ranch, south of San Francisco, with a huge warehouse all filled with displayed, working perhaps elaborate, Lionel Train sets.
  • I had a Lionel Train set for Christmas, 1950. My dad assembled all the track to fit a 4′ x 8′ sheet of 1/4″ plywood. Wonderful. Had to sell the set in original Lionel box, in 1984, when the bank took my house away.
  • Neil Young sings a song like that, about that… Leo C.

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