Water Drop, 1,000 Tears

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 11/27/2020

Water Drop, 1,000 Tears

Water 1,000

Could Be Tears In The Ocean

In Same Way Columbia River Flows

With GAZillion Water DropLets Inna Dayyy…

Over OutWards Past The Bar… Into

Huge Ocean

Swirls Sways

1,000 Days

Around The

World’s Oceans & Seas

Then The Sun Comes


The Drop Into

Air Its Particles


Around The World’s

‘Canes ‘NTo A New Drop

Dripity Drop

Wop Wop Whop Whang Whang Whang

Dang Dang Dang…


  • Image is from a 1915 color photo postcard of Oaks Park (you can find these on eBay), just south of Portland, Oregon with Willamette River on left, central pond, and Amusements Fairway on right. Looking north. Quite a place, it’s still operating after 115 years. – Leo C.

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