Growing Up Love… In Shadows

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/4/2021 11/30/2020

Growing Up Love… In Shadows

Growing Up Love… In Shadows

Hollow In The MoonLight…

Ohhh… Ya Get Shadows Are

Not All The Same

At All…

Still UnMoving Moving

Rather Dramatic

Ah- Cha Cha- Frenetically

Bright Light To Partial Dark Eh…

What Do All… Our… Shadows Say ?

ConFronting Us ?

Black As The Shadows Are… Gray

Any Fuzzy Edges

At All… Hark Hark

Th’ Shadow Lark

A Twisty

Persistent –

Fairly Consistent –

In Their… Own Way… Here

It’s ‘sa Hard On –

Getting It On

Hafta Ask Ya Why…

Mating With Your Shadow

“I’m Back In… My Shadow”…

Grop’n Your Own Shadow…

Again… When Do

Think I

It Bizaree…


It’s WalkAbout Ta’

To Talk About Time

Due To

Alla Tha Feelings

Millions Soldiers Millionz Shadowz

A March’n Lock Step

Own Shadow When It’s


Don’t Do NoGood To

HateFul Shadows

Growing Up Love… Shadows


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