Five 5 And Dime 10 Cent Store

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/6/2020

Five 5 And Dime 10 Cent Store

Five 5 And Dime 10 Cent Store

Me At Age Nine

9 I Was Who – In 1954…


Ask For AnyMuch- More?

Would Walk My Talk

That Eight 8 City Blocks To

The Hollywood District Stores

The Hollywood Theatre


Huge Big Fred Meyer Had



Vehicle Parking

Gives Free Two

2 Free Movie Tickets To

The Hollywood Movie Theatre…

Across The Street


With My 25 Cents

Mine Quarter Allowance…

Hollywood – I’m In The Mood…

To Spend To It’s End

If – I Find SomeThing Swell

Then Upon It I Would Buy It….

Likely Buy It At –

The Rogers Dime Store

Five And Dime

Had A Million Things…

Lotta 10 Cent Toys… Ta Bring


Zing To A 9 Year Boy

Had Black & White

Big Wide Checkered Floors

Same Size Down

In The Basement Level…

A Yellow Bag Sold

“Over 1,000 Cancelled Stamps Worldwide”

Took $ One Dollar 1.00

Revell Model Car Kits

Took $ Two Dollars 2.75

Plastic Rocket Ship

AM Crystal Radio To Tune

Rotate The Rocket’s Nose…

RocketShip Radio $ One Dollar 1.50

Mine Now Sells Very

Rare On eBay… $ Dollars Two 200.00

Five .05 And Dime .10

Ten Cent Store

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