Hapless Trapped – In FacedBooke…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/8/2020

Hapless Trapped – In FacedBooke

Hapless Trapped – In FacedBooke…

Sleepless In Seattle ? Omaha ? Nantucket ?

Lonely ? With 100,000…

Gazillion… Of

The Ga-Ga,


Thumbbinng On

Whilst Pounding Down

So Much CaCa…

Ya… Ever Saw

Say Fucket

Friendless FacedBooke DedEndzz…

Need A Friend ? Yo Seattle Omaha Nantucket

Then… Can Can Can… You


… Faced Booke … Then …

Get A Life !

P.S. From Our 1950s’ Comic Book Heroes:

It’s –

Red Ryder & Lil’ Injun…

‘Round th’ Campfire…

Lil’ Injun: “Gee, Red Ryder-

How Much Does It All Cost ?”

Red Ryder: “Well, Lil’ Injun-

It Just Costs… Sense ! “


  • The Red Ryder 10 cent Western USA comic books (with his sidekick Lil’ Injun), sold for many years. I have included their comments in several past posts, and shall continue, upon occasion- when they discuss in two sentences… life.
  • (c) -LGC

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