Waiting For It…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/9/2020

Waiting For It

Waiting For It

Trying To Grin

At Least Grimly…

Get It Over, Lord… Please…


Cyanide Gas Firing Squad Hanging

Getting Readied-


To Take It

Get It

Get To Go

So… Get It, To Go…

Try Out The Ride

Upon The Needle

Fearing Searing


Electricity Death Chemistry

Waiting For It

Death Penalty


  • Last I looked: China sets no date – wakes the prisoner, drives them to an empty sports stadium. Marches them to its center area. Prisoner kneels, is shot in the back of the head. Prisoner’s family is sent a bill for the cost of the death bullet, which they must pay. At Nuremberg, Nazi leaders were hanged humanely by broken neck – whilst in Japan, Tojo and many others were hanged – but left to strangle, for minutes, before death. -LGC

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