Let’s Re-Name, “Original” And “Sin”

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/11/2020

Let’s Re-Name, “Original” And “Sin”

Let’s Re-Name, “Original” And “Sin”

Put Those Weird

Two Words Together –

NoBody Can Ever

Survive… Live Humanely

Let’s Let Alone-

The Single Word, “Win”…

Do We – ‘Win’ – If – We Don’i Sin? Maybe

Do We – ‘Sin’ – If – We Don’t Win? Huh Nuh Uh Uh Nay Eh?

Sin Is Not Satan Not


What Did Jesus Say? Mary His Human Mother

Was Borne

Is Without Blemish Of Her… Intent To Be

She Is Human All Of Us Seek

Reach Out – Intent To Be

Same As Mary Did Now Does

Help Me Mary Mother Of

Jesus The Christ God Trinity

I Reach Out – Intend To Me

O Jesus Do Not Help Us

Help Me


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