Getcher Commuppance Too

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/15/2020

Getcher Commuppance Too

Getcher Commuppance Too

TooI’d ‘n Tooted Planed It And Air

Brained With Care…

Why I Marry You I Would…

Why Climb The Mountain


Would Couldda Shouldds DooDah

If I Cared To

Woo Hah

Eh – Get Busy On The Snobslobber

Sledder Thing

Or Sliddire Sliddaire

SureAs EveryThing

We’ll Slog Wine This Evening

ShitFire Does Do


All Drifting…

Finding Most Of It All

Dead Thing The

Dang Cat Just Dragged In Ein

This Morning Das Morgen Ja

Getcher Yer ComeUppance Too

One Left Open Seat

On Rocket Ship

ButtRocket BiGDiddle

Blaster Treeter Three

BiPlane Open Seater

Launch Three Torpedoes Three HeeHee

Windy So… Freely…

Youu’re Turn’d Overrre…


Nearly… As Fine

Th’ Red Hairs Off Thet


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