Thieving Rieving Lying MutherFudgers

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/17/2020

Thieving Rieving Lying MutherFudgers

Thieving Rieving Lying MutherFudgers

O We Know Ya

Catch Ya We


The Stage Of Rage…

In Th’ HellTown Saloon

In HellTown – Hell

OutSide Hell’s Gates

BadGood Angels Drink With

Dead Humans At

The HellTown Bar…

HellTown Saloon

Kill Ya MudderFuthers

Catch Ya We

CogSuggers Unique To…

Tasking Usss… You…

Take Th’ Especiale

Gray- GreyHounde Bus

Is- Rus Bus

Number Twenty Times

The Tragedy Due


Eternity II

Where No

Equals Yes


Bus Air Brakes… Hiss…

Bus Stop

Doors Sliding

Opening This Thing

Hearing Following Doing


Wrong Thing

Form Not Always

Follows Function

Junction Junction?

We Shall Meet At

The Junction




What Would Seem…

Thieving Rieving –


Lying MutherFuggers

Follow Function At

The CogSuggers Cotillion


Next Shall- We Meet-

Epiclie Dear Wear

To This Meeting…

Yer Nicer Hat

Clothes And All Nearly That

T’was A Great

Goat Great Goat Fehluck

A Goat Fehluk Complete

Even With Th’ Cut- Off Spurred Feet

Bee Real…

Thieving Rieving Lying At Uk…

Playing BrunsWick

8 Foot Pool Table 8 Ball

Pool… Pussy At The Bar…

The Th’… Lavender Cat

Catch Ya We

Alla That

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