Standing In Line To Be Borne

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/23/2020 5/3/2016

Standing In Line To Be Borne

Standing In Line To Be Borne

Getcher Ticket Out

PreBorne Is… Life Too

HopeFully Too

Precious… To Lose But

There We All Hafta

Serious Hafta Deal It Out


For A Portion Of Life

Can You See Through To The End

Front ‘O Th’ Line Mebbe You

Will Do

It Just Fine

Ask Sainted Peter That- No

He Deals Only… With Death

Find A Catholic Sainted Who

With Life Beginning That

Is When We Are Still

Before New…

In Line PreBorne You’ll

Mebbe Do… Fine

All Winning BeFore…

Now It Gets Hard Core…

When BeGins Then

Life Takes Over More

Very Nicey ForEvereee



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