‘Twas The Christmas Evening

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/23/2020 12/23/2017

Twas The Christmas Evening

‘Twas The Christmas Evening

It Was A Time,

Ordained By God…

Satan Was Summoned… To God

Satan Strode Out The Gates Of Hell

Was Time, By Almighty God…

Again, To Be Commanded – Satan,

In Dread Knew Evil But

Had Little Control

Of The Dead- Such As Were

Another Bother

An Invitation Of Commanding Attention-

From God Almighty:

“You Shall Attend The Birth

Of The Son Of God-

Satan, You Shall Bear Witness

Tonight- Christmas Evening Comes.”


Whilst During The Time

There, By A Manger, Animal Trough

The Christ Redeemer, Was Born To Mary…

Joseph Prayed For Them

Laid The Christ Child In The Manger

Satan Stood Outside In Shadows

A Stranger…

Bearing Witness, Watching…

Feeling Foolish – Him – (Lucifer The Light)

Former Good Angel…

“Although A Bad Angel,

I Dislike To Say, My Name Is- Satan (Nothing) !”

“Furious, That I, Satan – Was Made

Verily, By God’s Creation” – He Continued On

“And Then- To Witness- Now- Be Made To Witness

As If I- Satan, Approved !”

Arrival Of The Sacred Holy Christ

The Cry Of The Baby Jesus

Swaddling Wrapped

Then Lain In The Manger

Cries Out To The World-

Out In The Cold And Shadow

Was A Lamb, Hard To See

Wobbly, New-Born, Spindly Legs

Ungainly- Stood Silently And Waiting

In The Dim Outer Light… Satan Saw…

Could Not Help Himself, He-

Bent Down, And Picked Up, The Lamb-

Brilliantly Lighting Everything

The Sacred Lamb Of Almighty God

The Heavens Singing

“Lamb Of God – Agnus Dei – Jesu Christe”

“Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World”

Satan Was Trembling… He was Touching…

Holding… The Lamb Of God

Almighty God

Being Here With Him- Satan,

Touching Him Again… As When

Lucifer Light Had Been Created

Now- Satan Holding In Trembling Fear,

Terror Of

The Wrath Of God

Satan Bearing Witness To

The Lamb Of God

Jesus Christ

Good Angels Came To Satan-

Took The Lamb Of God

From Satan

The Lamb Rose Up From The Angels

Ascending In Radiant Light Into

The Night Sky

Rose Up High Then

Through Heaven And Saints To

Eternity And The Trinity

“Happy Christmas Satan”


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