Presidential School

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 12/28/2020

Presidential School

Presidential School

Bells & Whistles,

Serious, It’s-

Joe Biden’s

“Heeeres Joey…” He’s

Joseph… Biden He’s

Th’ Prez-Elect

Enrolled… Now He Won…

Th’ 2020 Election… All… And…

Trumpee Ignored It, Dropped Th’ Ball

Trumpee… Ne’er Gave A Shit

Did Not Care For AnyThang

Lost Th’ Election… And…

His Election-Erection-

Ne’er Was There When

Th’ Presidential School

Morning Class Bell Rang

Trumpee Wuz Out In

The Parking Lot

A Fool

In His Car… Trying Out

To See… Deciding If

He, The Trumpee

Wuz Queer Or Not

Queer Prez Non-School

Inna Th’ Parking Lot

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