Just Noise, Boy

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/5/2021 3/14/2015

Just Noise, Boy

Just Noise, Boy

Got My Cap, Am Tugging

At My ForeLock, But…

No Joy-

My Bloodied Leg, About… Lost

A Foot At Least, And Toes-

Th’ “Great War” Woes-

So Went The Battle, The War


Kept Score- In Flesh, Ya

It Got Colder, The Snows Blew

Winter’d Me, So Through-

Though I Could

Finally See Again- As

Snows Melted,

My Rotted, Shrivel’d Leg, Abandoned,

Simply… Fell Off, And Shorted Me-

Stumped To Th’ Battle Cry, Th’ Tune,

Passed Into Th’ Fog… Of War…


The Mist, Is Imagined,

Very Well

A Good, A Great Way To

Tune Up, To Declare, To Say,

And DeClaim-

Th’ Tuned, Croon’d, Melodied

Remembered Words

Remain, Still Pictured Clear

My Diminished, Heightened

Enlightened Mind I

Say Keen-

Just Noise, Boy

No Joy… Here

In HellHole # …



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