Growing Up Love… In Shadows

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/6/2021 11/30/2020

Growing Up Love… In Shadows

Growing Up Love… In Shadows

Hallow In The MoonLight…

Ohhh… Ya Get Shadows- Are

Not All The Same

At All…

Still UnMoving Moving Then

Rather Dramatic

Ah-Cha- Cha Frenetically

Bright Light To Partial Dark Eh…

What Do All… Our… Shadows Say ?

ConFronting Us ?

Black As The Shadows Are… Gray

Any Fuzzie Edges- At All… Hark

Hark Hark The Shadow Lark

A Twisty- Persistent- Fairly

Consistent= In Their Own Way… Here

It’s ‘sa Hard On~

Getting It On

Hafta Ask Ya Why

Mating With Your Shadow

“I’m Back Inn… My Shaddow… Again”

Grop’n Your Own Shadow

When Do Think I

It Bizaree… Overerre…

It’s WalkAbout To

Talk About Time

Due To

Alla Tha Feelings

Where Is The Love ?

Millions Soldiers Millionz Shadowz

A March’n LockStep To

Some Gallows Well Where Go

The Shadows After- Being… Hanged ?

“Own Shadow Of Mine- ” I Say

“When It’s Hate

Don’t Do No Good, To

HateFul Shadow, As When-

Growing Up Love… Shadows


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