Pray… Feel Strange

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/10/2021

Pray… Feel Strange

Pray… Feel Strange

Speak Quietly To God In… Hope

Mumbled Lips… Tired Mind


Do Fine ‘Cause God Always

Listens Does Improves

In Ways Perhaps… Strange

Days Weeks Months Years Pass

Enduring Grace Descends Anew

Forever Upon You…

From… Every Single Prayer… You Present

God Responds With Love And


Change For The Better

Practices In Prayer

Pray Feel Strange

Lose Some Guilt Sorrow

You Are Loving More


Human Prayers Wishes Hopes

Desires Fears Needs


Our Father Hail Mary Act Of Contrition et al

Confess Honestly

Your Sins To God

Okay To Use Priest Rabbi Mosque Reverend

But You Lead

The Prayers In Your Mind

Be The Sincere Prayerful Kind

Pray… Feel Strange

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