Oh Whut O We Got Here…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/12/2021 12/30/2020

Oh Whut O We Got Here…

To The Near &

Farther Along…

In God’s Church…

Church Folks

With EvenSong Singing

Bringing Ringing

To The Roof Rafters

God’s Praise Reminding Us…

God Is Always Right

God Is Our Light

Reverends, Priests, & Preachers,

Must Absolutely-

Follow After

God Gets Done

Seems Some

Churchy Leaders Lurched

Away- From God

Followed PMURT Th’



Instead Of… Even

A Thought To… Our…



The Christian Trinity

ChurchyNess Politics

Ain’t God-

God Is- God Simply Is-

Church Just A Word A

Big Fancy Room…

Yours Not To Possess-

For Your Daily Bread- Try

God Instead


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