Oregon’s “Death With Dignity Law” ?

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/12/2021

Oregon’s “Death With Dignity” Law ?

Oregon’s “Death With Dignity Law” ?

If Where… You Live

You Have Life- Ready-

To Lose ? To Give ?

Oregon’s Got “Death With Dignity”

We Might Could… Die… Unlive

Noo More Cognition…

Doctors (Death- Requires… Two…)

Let Me Go

On… Over Mine Horizon-

Death… Ho !

Stay Away Doctor Trying To

Put Spark… Back… To

Mine Ignition


For If I Have To Die

In Severe Pain I’ll Do


Woody Allen Said:

“I Don’t Mind Die ing… I

Just Don’t Wanna

Be There And Become Dead…”


What Woody Allen Said


  • In these Covid-19 Pandemic times, with many of us older folks (me- I’m 75) losing our sustainability, I wonder how many of us- the doctors could – simply “put to sleep” ?
  • Frankly, if they park me on a gurney in a hospital corridor, diseased lungs choking out my life anyway- under Oregon state law- I wanna die a “Death With Dignity”. -LGC

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