Debacle Man… PMURT

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/13/2021

Debacle Man… PMURT

Debacle Man… PMURT

Why… Did He

Do It ? Psst

Into PMURT’s Ear…


A “Whitey” Whine…

Psst– ‘Get Th’ Mexes…

Th’ Niggers… Slopes… You Know

Kikes… And Th’ Like… We’re

So Hot To Kill’

Heard A “Whitey Whine”

Psst– ‘Cops- Shoot’m Down

PMURT Get To- George Floyd

Cops SomeTimes Like T’ Kill

PMURT- Get George Floyd

Or We Will’

Th’ Clown PMURT Wrote It All Down

PMURT Was Now… Whitey’s Clown

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