Steps To FreeDom

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/14/2021

Steps To FreeDom

Steps To FreeDom

Women Men Children

5,000 Of

Them Crucified cf.

Rome, & Italy

2-3 Days ca.

70-90 A.D.


Enny Roman Year

Suffering… Damn

O God… So Long

I Saw/// Many & Most


We BeLoved Christians

Of Bloody Steps To Freedom


How Do We It Misses Us

Kisset No Kissitt Is

It No Shit…

Suffering Long…

Longer Much As Such…

Christians So Many- Tarred-

Into Human Candles That Lit Miles Of… That


The Roman Way

Oh Never o All No

Rome ParaNades… Ah ! WhatDaFukya

Tar Ignites Burns

Instantly Instantly…

Along… Fucking

The Big Shot The

Roman Ways

TorTure Quite OutStanding

The Roman Way Where

That 666 Fucking Nero


Moisture Humidity Per Cent & I’d

Rent Out My Tent

Step Over

Become… History… Such Steps

Often Are

Hesitating Then

Bloody… Or Goody



Bloodie Bloodie Alway

Bloody Steps To


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