Maybe I Don’t Make It Much…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 3/8/2021

Maybe I Don’t Make It Much…

Maybe Be I Do Not Hate

It Much… At All… Ignore Intensity Frenzied Rage

Feelings Arriving… Right Now On The

HellBound Train Hell’s

Flaimie Sorrta Fairieee…

Tourist Trade…

Arrive Hell Station

& Go In

The HellTown Saloon –

Steps… Up To- The Miles… Long…

Mostly Eternal

HellTown Bar…


Seats Bad Good Angels Dead Humanity

Dead Humans Died AnyWay More Than

Ten (10) Gregorian Calendar Years… Previously To

This… New Reality

God Almighty

Of Solomon Judges…

Lookin Down Upon

Upon The…



Speak To – All – Your… Selected Rages…

You Good/Bad Angels

Bad/Good Humans


At Least Before The Gallows…

Dead Humanity & Strange Angels


Don’t Hate It Much

All Them Drink There

Drink Perhaps To Drunk…

Dead Humans…

Dead Humanity…

Sitting Therre

Across From

The Good/Bad Angels

No Death- Just Eternity


Ehhh… ? Comments?

… Eh?

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