Spring Break Huh

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 3/13/2021

Spring Break Huh

Spring Break Huh


Spring Break Here- Seeking

Excellence? Better Relationships

Meaning To…

Tell Truth Speak Truth

Scamper Scurry Worry

The BIG Event…

Another Year WHOA WE GOT

Covid-19… Meaning The FuckUp


It’s A Two-Buck

Mind Fuk JAM

Use The Elevator

Sir Or She

Push The Button 3 Times…

Then Wait

Pee On The Floor

The Elevator Door Opens… SING !

“I Feel Swiffy I

Grab My Stiffy Ya

Get A Big One On…

Do The Strut ! ! ”

Young Souls Interacting

Circling Messing Around

“… Waiting To- Meech You

Hoping- To

Meech You True

Finding My Way To Love You”

Pure & Clean

IN The Course Of An Evening’s


Blending… Can We Be ONE

Sensual Thinking Sniffing Observing


Get It Done…

Wear Your Face Mask

Spread Only Hope Trust

Love Around…

With Your Breath

Dooo- Th’ Skip-Over



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