My BiPolar- Condition

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 2/14/2021

My BiPolar- Condition

My BiPolar- Condition

God… Dropped In…

To Show Me- What

Kind Of Condition

My Ya Conditioning…


O God- Being Bipolar, Me…

MY Your Mind, & Part Of Your

Soul, Cannot See… Feel… Find

Seeing Feeling Cognitively

ReActing Happened I Was 47 Educated Years Old

Acting Objectively To



Flunked. Got Some

The Scene Wrong

“Acted OUT”

The Police Were Called… Dropped By…

Sat Down, “Hi”. Stared At Me. Why?

“These Folks Here, Why I Think Some

Are My Family”. Don’t Know Names.”

Part Of Your Soul

Some Of Your Mind

Is Walking Around…


Police Handcuffed Meeei… I

Was Took Rode Back In Th’ Cop Patrol Unit

Police Car, Mostly Cleen Of Vomit I Think

I Can’t Remember Weeks Months Years

SomeTimes, SomeTimes I Change Into Green

Or The Screen In Minds I Mean The

Screen My Mind Went Asleep Went- Green

Away Th’ Doctors Too Did

Suicide Watch Woke Me Hourly

Unnicely Stand Outside My HideAway Cave

Glaring Me

Staay Awake Stay Away From Me

Wish I Could Sleep All

This… Away

Not Like Me Sed I Was ccc… Crazy

Lost It They Committed

Me Kept In Hospital A Week Years Ago

Am I Free Now Do I Still Have

It? BiPolar? Yep… Yup- Put

Yer Fence-Straddling Mind To It

BiPolar Straddles Minds… Between

UnSeen As Truly Real –

Less Sniveling Aloud Into Your

Mind It Now

Rage Your Snivels

Try It Out Become

A Little Bit Better

  • This, “My Bipolar- Condition”(c) is my personal true story. I suffered severe depression for several years, whilst I had no job & THE BANK took away my house. I was taken (very luckily) to hospital, kept for 7 days. Started on Lithium, after 4 days I found a path back. I was white, in America, middle-class & educated. Haldol, then Lithium, then Valproic Acid… 8 psychiatrists, over 34 years.
  • BiPolar is lifelong; often heredity. “Acting Out” is perhaps triggered by stress. I have been abandoned by some of my family, some friends, since this, single dramatic episode in 1978. LeoCampbellWrites. Thank God.
  • If you are not white, in some countries (including America), being BiPolar. CAN COST YOU YOUR LIFE. -LGC

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