Pull Th’ Curtain Back… Please Enter

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 3/14/2021

Pull Th’ Curtain Back… Please Enter

Pull Th’ Curtain Back… Please Enter

Glad You’re Here, Now

Our… Fine Christian

Perhaps The Other Fine Minds

Minds Are Also Here- Too.

Ahem: Amen Amen. Jesu Christe


Appearing Here Now

We Saved Him, Our Living God A


Jesus Is Sitting Here

Right There

Minding Our Minds- For


Listening Loving Trying

Advising Saying Telling

Commanding SomeTimes…

Just Waits Quietly Sitting In

Our Chair… Placed By Us For Us

Before Us

Don’t You Bee…

Hesitating Just ‘Cause

The Crucified Man

The Son Of God Is Here

Almighty Aware Jesus

Loves You

Gave His Human Life Into

The Same Death Humanity…

That Me You Us


Pull Th Curtain Back-

Coffee, Beer, Tea, We’ll Try A Little

Jesus Drinks Wine He


In Jerusalem

State Of Oregon USA Cannibis

(Hopefully Cannibis Sativa Mostly

Mebbe Too… ) Well, Mebbe

Give It All A Goood

Christian Whack

Think… P’raps Just Mebbe


That Jesus Says,




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