Take- A Whiner- Out To Better Dinner

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 3/14/21

Take- A Whiner- Out To Better Dinner

Take- A Whiner- Out To Better Dinner

Hope She’s Pretty To See…

Enjoy- Watching Her Staring Across

The Table-

Inside Herself… Her Mouth, Moves


Reciting Favorite Whines:

“Why Did You Take Me HERE You

Do Not Ree-aa-lly Love Me

Look In My Eyes. You Always

Slide Yours Away, They Shorted Me-

On My PayCheck- Again


Your Awful Mother

Peed On OUR Floor How

Inconsiderate You Are- Keeping Her

Here When She’d-

You Can Ship Her Off

Over SomeWhere In Jersey

She Should Have Never Had-

Your Brother. Where’s Our Dumb

Stooped, Stupid, Waiter?

Whenn… Gets Finally Here, Have Him

Box Up & Wrap All Our Dinner- We’ll

Take It Home We Can Heat It

In The Oven

Get It I Mean Our Dinner Here…

Done. Don’t Look At Me Sorry

You Can’t Tip Him Now With So Little


You Get Paid To Morrey, You’ll

Be Better Then- Got Over It.

Can’t Try Put Poison In My Food I

Watch Well ‘Fore I Eat

Drink – I Poured Down The Kitchen Drain,

That Wine Bottle You Said Was From Your Boss-

Horse Butt- You Sed He Reads Smut-

What’s This? Under My Plate? A Copy Of Your

WorldWide Internet WordPress Sorta Crappy

Poor Rhymes

You Think IS SUCH SUBLIME Poetry O-

Moving Forward(c) Your WordPress Posting Of

2 Days Ago, Where Death Waited

Crept Forward, Slashed Out BLOOD


My Blood ! ! … Awww… Why? I

Always Thought That You

Liked ME I’m

ME AWK Awk- Killed



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