No Time- Gett’n On Down Th’ Line-

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 3/14/2021

No Time- Gett’n On Down Th’ Line

No Time- Gett’n On Down Th’ Line-

My Fam’ly Just Nearly… Comes From

Yamhill County In Oregon God’s Country

Some Farm Country Is Part

Of- Th’ Start- To…

Knowing… Bee-ing

God’s Sweet Oregon She- Shall Always

Some… S’Pecially Our Willamette Valley

Wait I Say- Await Me

You’ll See… One Day Mebbe

Find Me You A’Comin Do I…

Hafta To… Simply- Ask- You?

I Get Off On You, Sister True-

I See… My Sky Is Looking Up To A Nicer

Prettier Blue

Truly To Uncle Judy’s Dirty Laundry,

I’m Gett’n Off

When I’m Gett’n Off More Often

Get Off When I Come

CleanUp Pretty Good When I’m Done

P.S. I Wrote The Lyrics In The Rocking- Along, Steady Beat. Try It Out. Compose. Send Me An E-Mail.

Maybe We- & Oregon… Can… Send Our (c) Copyrighted Song, Together, To Country… -LGC

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