Very Good, For Where I’m At

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 3/19/2021

Very Good, For Where I’m At

Very Good, For Where I’m At



I Survived To Age 75

I’m Still Alive…

So’s How’s ‘Bout You ?

Ya Still Got

Quite A Life, To Still… Do ?

Assholes Say Piously,


Bull Ignorant BullShit False Prophetz

Well Fuk You Long & Tall

Evun… If Yerr Well,

Pretty & Sorta Small

Tells… Small Dick

Small Fingers So…

“A Man (Or She… ) Proceeds Simply As Far… As

His Length Of-

Takes His Journeys

Life Measured By

His OnlyA Man’s Dick…

Through Life

Mebbe Up Them Gallows Steps

Counts Timed To Th’

Measurances Of

EveryMan’s Secret Luv-



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