My… Tongue My… So Vicious Penis

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 3/21/2021

My… Tongue My… So Vicious Penis

My… Tongue My… So Vicious Penis

Or… Do That… Make It Two- Penisi ?

Th’ Night Outside

Is Still

I Have My…

Vicious Penis

Also In My Military Pack

I Carry… Must Be A Part Of

My Penisi

Awaiting My Attack As I


Mister War ! !

I… Remember Th’ Movie Where

Th’ Lady Singing On Stage Sang

Her Silken Songs Out’ta…

Ta Ta Tuuu…

Her Vagina

If She Had Two Th’ Phone Rang

It T’was…

She’d Have Her… Vaginae ! !

Consider Gay-Partner-ing Down

Go Back Home

Save All Th’ Lick’n For Dawn

She/Dawn He/Don – – Called – Com’n On

Star’n Into The Coming Dawn…

Sun Arriving Me—



Getting Off…

In A New York Taxi-

Lighted At Midnight Starlight

Coming From

Early Bird’n Strutt’n

Out Their Morningly Songs

Amazed That

All This Time… Birds

Never Get Their Songs Wrong

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