The Ring… Ching Silverr… Ringing

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 3/23/2021

The Ring… Ching Silverr… Ringing

The Ringinng Chinging Chinggng… Tone…


Laying Steel Rail Tracks

Pure Enduring

Lingering Onnn…

Gift Of


Silver Ringing Pure Rung


Itself On- Onnn

Nearlee… Exquisite


Outside My New Home

Westmoreland Manor

At 6:59 or So

& 7 PM…

Att- EveryBody’s Favorite

Time Zone: “Pacific Ocean Real Time”

PORT I Drink Vodka

Smoke Cannabis Sativa

Then P’raps Try

Reach Th’ Sky With…


Chime To My Rhyme-

I Hear A Fine Silver Sound- A Bell…

Ringing LOUD Across Our

Sellwood Neighborhood

EveryDay Going On…

The Sounds Seem Constantly

Shimmering Through

My Window

Outside The Eastmoreland Manor

Days Passing It Gets…


Grander & Grander…

Grandest… ? ? ?

We’ll See

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