Reflective In Mood… Th’ Scottish Gloaming

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/5/2021 3/15/2021

Reflective In Mood… Th’ Scottish Gloaming

Reflective In Mood… Th’ Scottish Gloaming

The Smoking-



Is Lit…

Gloating In


Scottish Gloaming…-

Occur Every Early TwiLight

In Many ‘O Th’ Scottish

Western Iles

Brightest Morning Into Neutral Then

Eased By The Arcing Old Sun…

North Atlantic Ocean

There Fades Blue-

Changing Hues…

Morning & Evening


Lucky Scots Imply, SomeTimes Say…

Or Recite Into Their Wee Dram…

Gloating Nicely,


“Mostly Only In The Gloaming

Where The Mystics & Wizards

Gnash Their Fingers

Into Their Brains

Trying To Finger Finguring

Giving So

Many Fingers Flipping Birds…

So Wizards

Magic Holy Men

Study Celestially So

Many Of


Angel’s Abram… Being Brought- Into…


Did They Help

Th’ Moses Brothers

Jacob Lead Into

Th’ Promised Land? “

T’wud’ve Been Grand, Eh…

Reflective Of Mood…

Looking Seeing You-

Gloating In Th; Scottish Gloaming…

Smoking Lamp Is Lit

Take A Hit- Eh…

Take Two…

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