Real Mother “Earth Day”

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/22/2021

Real Mother “Earth Day”

Real Mother “Earth Day”

Not Too Much To Say

‘Bout Earth Day…

‘Cept I Remember In

My Old Office

Admin Assistant Wanda

Sitting There When

Th’ FedEx Man Walked In…

He Said to Wanda,

“Did You Realize- It’s

Earth Day Today ?”

Dear Wanda Replied,

“Oh, Will The Shopping Malls

Be Open- Late ?”

Wanda Knew It True

What T’ Say…


Earth Day

p.s. True story. Names were changed tp protect the guilty. Wanda just said it, to blow the FedEx delivery guy’s mind. The look on his face… approached “priceless”. We all love & respect- Mother Earth Day. LGC

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