PMURT Th’… Hitler Guy

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/4/2021

PMURT Th’… Hitler Guy

PMURT Th… Hitler Guy

WHITE Supremacy ? ? ?

Ask Why- ? ?

Their White Fathers Beat Them,


But Hitler Wasn’t Rich…

But… Like Pmurt…

Just- A Son Of A Bitch…

Premurt Got An Itch


Call All

Every One… Of

Colored Humanity…

“Th’ MUD People ! ! ! “

” ‘Splain To US

WHY Yer Afraid Of Skin…

Pmurt- Take All

Your Lies… Sin

Just Shove’m Up

Yer Pmurt AssHole

Where- Your Lies Come From-

Pmurt- Yer Done. Crawl

Back Into- Yer


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