Tear Down This… Golden Idol

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/24/2021

Tear Down This… Golden Idol

Tear Down This… Golden Idol

Of… A…

WHITE Pioneer


The State Of Oregon’s


Ah Huh


In Our Oregon

Oh Yeah Stop

The Idol… White Man

Caucasian Erosion…


From The State Song:

“Oregon My Oregon”

“Land Of The Empire Builders

Land Of The Golden West

Conquered And Held By Heroes

Fairest And The Best”

Racist ?

My Aunt Fanny

Got Along With


Racist Song


Tear Down This Golden Whitey

Put Up A BIGGER Idol

Of A… Mother…

And Her



Copy to: The Oregon Legislature & Governor – If you don’t replace it, in these times,

Somebody will pay a few bucks to Proud Boyz… to tear it down. LGC

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