Shilly Shalley To Me…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/31/2021

Shilly Shalley To Me…

Shilly Shalley To Me…

Tell Me Whut-

Dilly Dally ? We’ll See…

I… Remember- Sorta

Here’s Back

A’ Look’n At


How I Feel


Root’n Hoot’n

Yer Darn… Toot’n

Silly Shalley To Me

Dilly Dally ? We’ll See

The character shown in the photo, is “Mister Moon”, a popular children’s TV character. The local Portland TV station, in the 1950’s, broadcast the b&w show live, 5 afternoons a week.

At the close of his (last) live TV show, the actor thought the mic and camera were off… “Mister Moon” said, to thousands of children,

“There. That ought to fix the little bastards.” LGC

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