All… I Am To- Do

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 6/8/2021

All… I Am To- Do

All… I Am To- Do

Asian I-

Asian Eyes…

Staring Out- SomeWhere There

With Such, Sober


Stand To Be-


Scores- Might,,,



Deplore, Me


Deny To

Be Any-


I Am…

Asian Eyes


Dee Spic Able PMURT

Ya Be, A’ Dy’n On

Yer A Shrivel’d Winky

Little A Hard Little


Stridently- Hurts

Our… Beloved AMERICA

Watch’n See Thee

Ya Best

Love Me I Be…

Asian Eyes

All I Am… White Man-

Better, Be-

Yam I So-

Thin Thinking


I See… Finally

Winnin’ Over Thee Ya

You Tha’ tHAT-


White Man…sO

I Be-

Asian- Whatta Ya-

See… ? Just Annoying…


PMURT Dinky-

Whee Hoo Yer – A Perv Jerkoff…

Just Like-

Hiz His Father’s, Elmer’s

Shriveled Very Racist,,, Dick

Lost Some Where- Shrivel’d

Fell, Blown Off,

Blown Away… By Th’ Winds…

Long-Lost Being, Thick-Back T’ Be

Thin Skinny

Pencil Dick, Again-

In BeTimest Unn-Ravvell’d

Weird Kink-Eyed

Lopsided Bust’d Now Quiet’d

Be Lil’ Donnie Trumpee

All… I Am

White Man

To Do-

My Asian Eyes


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