The Nuns… Taught Us- “Scrap Paper”

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 6/8/2021

The Nuns… Taught Us “Scrap Paper”

The Nuns… Taught Us “Scrap Paper”

Our Nuns- At St Rose Grade School

Disciplined: Ranks Of Children – In Recess, From Classroom

Down- Several Halls…

To Tiny Auditorium… Then, Nice Movies

Pro Travelers Lecturers

To Children- $0.10 Ten Cents A Lecture

Movies Are Old, But Free-

We Got Some… Color Slides-

“Children, Back In Ranks, We Are-

Returning To Class”

?? “We Shall Stop At The RestRooms-

Children Raise Your Left Hand

Showing Fingers… “One” Or “Two”…

A Nun Shall Direct You

No Talking In The Restrooms… “

“Do- It- Quickly- We Shall,,,

Keep A Clean Stall-

Keep… Itt- Clean… Move On- “

In Portland, Oregon

1952 Second Grade… On & On

From A…

Teaching Order- Holy Child Jesus

HQ: Philadelphia, PA USA

Many Convents, in the USA (average nun’s age: 45 years)

Therefore, Average Nun, Was Born &

Raised From, 1907…Their

Roman Catholic Parents

Grew Up Came From

The 19th Century… Philadelphia-

& Area-

“Children, Hang Your Coats In The CLOAKROOM”

“Leo, A ‘V’ was shown… on American Coins

Instead, you know, Leo- a ‘U’… See?” (Mother Therasita)

“Leo, At YMCA Camp Collins, On

A Sunday, That You Are-

Telling US- About Your Summer-





Might Consider


Attendance At- A



Which Is… A MORTAL SIN- Now, go back to your

Class Place, Sit Down, Think

Prepare Your Confession

To Father…

To Save


Immortal Soul- Leo-

From Hell ! !” (Mother Bartholomew)

God Bless My Nuns

All Meant Nice-

Yearning Very

Well Educated- Well, Praying To A…

Praying- To A Male- Their Common Husband… Jesus

Their Virginity WhatEver Shape

That- Might Be… I Was Going To-

Write About Th’ Nuns & “Scrap Paper”

Creating, Thinking, Remembering…

I- Simply Lost My Thoughts-

So, Dear Reader- Mebbe I’ll

Donate A Couple, “Oughts”-

“Oughta Be SomeWhere I” – Consider Shitty

Vatican City, Italy God Bless

Give Pope Saint Francis

God Power To Reign As

Saint Peter

The Rock Of Jesus

Keys To The Kingdom Of God…

College Of Cardinals ? They All Sit

Dressed In Red Cute The

Red… Scull Caps…

Any Cardinals


Un-Needed… Jesus

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