Borne… To Th’ Yonder

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 6/11/2021

Borne… To Th’ Yonder

Borne… To Th’ Yonder

Tain’t For EveryBody’s

Hugely Deep Inna Th’

Coral Reefs

Ponder… (Cheep Rhyme)

Worrieeinng ‘Bout (I DoiT Alla Time)

Soul Mebbe Yer Losstt…

OutDoorz In My Closet

Of Doorz Fer Sale ‘Cause

Im’m Male… Hee

Not To-

To Want Nor Intend-

To… SEE ! ! !


Untold… In Gold-

Free Treats- Girley Girlz

Wearing Only… Their- Golden


Go… SEE ! !

SEX For Animals…


Toss Me- A Bone

I Am Left ed Here… UnLaid-

Alone… You Should Surely See

It’s HUGE ly

Correct That

PMURT’s Jerk’n Off…

Quite Down,,,

Some Body’s Nekked

PMURTs Dunnit Cum So

Many Times… Before PMURT

Evunn… Became

a… GOP whore… And,

Then Ye- Then Ye- Then Ye…

Crawled Inta’ My Bed

With… Me… For

Such Nice Sukk’n



Need Thee

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