Apostle Saint Thomas… In India

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 6/23/2021

Apostle Saint Thomas… In India

Apostle Saint Thomas… In India

“Doubting” Thomas Left

The Holy Land

Rode A Merchant’s Boat

To India-

Went South To

SouthWest India…

Converted Thousands Thousands

To Christianity… 2,000 Years Later…

Are There Indian

Thousands Thousands Christians-

There Still ? Dunno- I

Wish, I Will…

“Saint Thomas,”

Said A Local King, “Has

To Go”

King’s Soldiers

KingsMen Wth Spears

& Swords

Led Saint Thomas To A Hill

Martyrdom For “Doubting”


“Let Me Go Up The Hill To Pray…

Then I Shall Come Down

For You To Kill

Me” Then-

You Shall- Have Your Way”

Apostle Saint Thomas… In India


I am not sure of how I researched apostle Saint Thomas, but there are many more details to the story- not recorded in my posting. Try Wikipedia. LGC

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