Blood In The Wine

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 6/23/2021

Blood In The Wine

Blood In The Wine

If… Blood Is Truth-



Is The Wine ?

“In Veritas Vito”

Rome Would Say-

“In Wine Is Truth”

Well Hey-

Back In Their Ancient Days…


I’ve Been To Pompeii…

Seen Its Smothering



At Its Death- With Fiery Ash

Brewing- Then-


People There Came Together


Drank Wine Until

The Pompeii Romans- All


Fire On Vesuvious Mountain

Fire In Their Wine

Fire On The Vine



Blood In The Wine…

Pompeii’s extensive town ruins, are found- mostly well preserved. Only 30% of Pompeii has been excavated. Discovered ca. 1900, the early excavations’ dirt was thrown over the next part of the covered city, which has not been excavated.

Italy is a leisurely country; things are very slow.

I took an Italian train, from Rome to the Pompeii train station. The train conductor was fat, hairy in his tight uniform, looked like Sgt. Garcia in the 1960s Zorro TV series.

Shared a compartment with an American father and young son, every year he took one of his 5 sons to Italy.

Later, they took me to a wonderful restaurant In Rome. One wall was part of an early Roman brick wall… upon the brick wall was hung various fresh meat cuts, and poultry, many vegetables, pastas, sauces, etc. Diners would select their own dinner ingredients, pass them to a waiter’s basket. Didn’t need a menu. LGC

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