God Bless Earth Humanity HUMANITY

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 6/23/2021 5/14/2021

God Bless Earth Humanity HUMANITY

God Bless Our Happy Clan

God Bless Our Happy Clan

Did A U.S. USAF MAC Fly Over


C-141 Starlifter O’er

SAM Rockets Red Glare…

Here We

Be Goin’ T’ Th’

Happy Zone Targets Of

Veet Nammm

War… Be-





Yup. Been there, didn’t get the T shirt. Was TDY, a 2nd Lieutenant, C-141 StarLifter Air Crew Member. Saw Viet Nam from 7,000 feet. Unbeliveably bright, rocket attacks at midnight.

Was exposed to Agent Orange in northern Thailand… The Viet Cong had mortared The Royal Thai Air Base runway the day before… we had to circle the base in our C-141, until base crews could fill in the numerous craters on the runway.

We landed on the base; green jungle foliage grew right up to the air base perimeter. They had just sprayed all that foliage with Agent Orange, just before our aircraft landed. LGC (former USAF Captain. Viet Nam Disabled Veteran)


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