Crestview Towers Condo- Closed In N. Miami Beach

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 7/2/2021

Crestview Towers Closed In N Miami Beach

Crestview Towers Closed In N Miami Beach

The North Miami Beach government has officially closed Crestview Towers, a condominium 7 miles north of the ruined Surfside Condo.

Crestview Towers was built in 1972- 49 years old, and is 10 stories high with 156 units. The closure is for being unsafe structurally and electrically. The city requires condos over 40 years old, to be inspected and a certified report given to the city.

Crestview Towers -stalled- giving their building report to the city. It was issued in January, 2021 and finally showed it to the city just days ago. The city of North Miami Beach immediately shut the unsafe condo down.

Details on the Surfside Condo: many of its residents were wealthy citizens from South America, also 20 rich residents from Israel.

While North Miami Beach deserves some praise for its recent action, the general City of Miami and the Miami Beach areas- are FILLED WITH CONDOS, many of them not inspected. The truth is, NOBODY really controls that part of Florida- most all large buildings are owned- by obscure “business” owners- in all parts of the world.

Popular late author John D. MacDonald (MBA from Yale) published a novel, “Condominium” ca. 1980, citing the lax and shabby concrete construction methods used in South Florida tall buildings.

Further, the current Public Broadcasting’s “NOVA” TV program, listed world-class cities in danger of being completely flooded by rising oceans, due to Climate Change: Tokyo London Miami New York City and others. Tokyo and London and New York City are taking steps to protect their cities.

Miami, “NOVA” reported, was too disorganized, and that NOBODY really controls that part of Florida- most buildings are owned by obscure “business” owners in all parts of the world…

BOTTOM LINE: Do not live in or near the cities of Miami, nor Miami Beach. It’s UNSAFE.

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